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 About me

My name is Alejandra Potter and I was born in Barcelona, Spain, in 1990.

I studied audiovisual communication at the university of Blanquerna Ramon Llull, in Barcelona. I then joined the NGO Sea Shepherd Global, filming the TV show 'Ocean Warriors' featured on Discovery Channel, footage that was then used to create the award winning documentary "Chasing The Thunder". I have stayed with the organization ever since, documenting the actions on board their ships during different campaigns aimed to protect marine life, and being part of their social media strategies. 

I have been passionate about nature and wildlife since I was a couple of feet tall. I grew up watching nature documentaries and eventually I figured that if I had grown to appreciate nature so much through a screen, so could other people. I believe learning more about the natural world is key to motivate the desire to protect it. I decided to pick up a camera and find ways to bring environmental stories closer to the public.

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